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Hey Hey, we've got one heck of an LP cooked up for you - so instead of March 15 we're taking reservations/pre-orders for the "Vaudeville" limited edition vinyl LP through March 31st. AFTER THIS THE ALBUM WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE AS A DOWNLOAD.


Here is the final track listing for the LP:

Side 1:


  1. In My Driverless Car (Marks/Mezzolesta) 2:49

  2. The Album In Its Entirety (Marks/Mezzolesta) 2:17

  3. I'm Still King Of The Road (Marks/Mezzolesta) 2:02

  4. The Perfect Parodist [featuring TV's Kyle & the great Luke Ski)

    (Parody of “Act Naturally” by Russell/Morrison,

    parody lyrics & script by Craig Marks) 3:57

  5. Smells Like Herb Alpert [featuring Chuck Rickard]

    (Cobain/Novoselic/Grohl – arranged by Chris Mezzolesta) 3:14

  6. Janice Gorch (A Promposal) (Marks/Mezzolesta) 3:13


Side 2:

  1. Visigoth Prize Wheel (Marks/Mezzolesta) 3:43

  2. Slipped Disc (Marks/Mezzolesta) 4:05

  3. Bingo Smith (Marks/Mezzolesta) 2:55

  4. Gas Station Disc Jockey (Marks/Mezzolesta) 4:35

  5. Closing Theme from “The Mr. McPoodle Show” (1967)

    (Marks/Mezzolesta) 2:35



4 brand new songs and a bunch of FuMP classics, all on custom-lathe-cut vinyl. With cover art by TV's Kyle and layout by Devo Spice.


There's even some REAL DRUMS on it!


So hurry & reserve your copy now before the 31st, let's bring back VAUDEVILLE!!



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