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Oh It's On!!!

After quite a while of hemming and hawing, the decision has been made to do a very-short-run batch of Lathe-Cut Vinyl LPs.

What is Lathe-Cut vinyl? It is a vinyl record (or plastic or polycarbonate or lunch plate or back of a CD) that has been engraved on a record-cutting lathe. These vary from the original ones made in the 1940s that still somehow have survived, to new computerized home/semi-pro units that are capable of making recordings that very nearly rival the quality of fully-manufactured, pressed vinyl discs. Not completely, mind you, but from everything I have heard, darn good. And one does not need to make a certain number of discs due to the multi-phase process of making commercial vinyl discs. These discs are cut in real time, one at a time, with a needle on a cutting head fed by an audio amplifier, onto pre-fabricated vinyl discs.

The manufacturer I've chosen for this project has one of the new units, made in Germany and known for high quality cuts. As the time to make each LP is in reality slightly more time than it takes to listen to it all the way through, it is time consuming and labor intensive to make these discs, and as such, the costs are higher than the mass-produced discs. On the other hand, these are limited-edition, one-of-a-kind art pieces, each cut slightly different than the last, because of the human element in the process. Groovy!

The album will run in the neighborhood of 36 minutes, and will come in a full-color printed jacket with printed labels, protected by an outer poly sleeve. Each copy of the album will be hand-numbered. They can be autographed upon request. 

We are expecting to do a run of 25 copies of the LP, which has yet to receive a title and track listing, in fact we may cook up a tune or 2 in these final weeks for exclusive inclusive stuff! If for some reason we get more pre-orders, we will have more albums cut! There is no minimum, no maximum, but 25 copies is the price break, so that is what we are shooting for.


Again, this is a limited release, each disc is one-of-a-kind unlike a factory-pressed record. Our costs are high for all of the elements, and each 36 minute disc will take well over 36 minutes to make by hand. Trust me, there is a cool factor at play here that you just can't get any other way. And it's funny!

Pre-order here BY MARCH 15 2017, please allow 4 weeks from then for delivery.


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