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Frakkin' No Parentheses, I need em in this title! [Editor's note: And now you can, Chris!] Oh vell. Hi!, remember me? I'm Power Salad, the guy who talks n sings on a lot of FuMP entries. Had a little ditty a while back about a cat and a vacuum cleaner that got a bit o notice, in fact 4 years on the video seems to be getting quite a bit more notice, no idear why...So I thought, why not cover myself? I got turned on to Me First and the Gimme Gimmes largely by ShoEboX, and thought this'd be a fun one to do in their hyper-ramped-up style. So here it is. Pogo anyone???? Lyrics once again by Craig Marks, music, vocals and instruments by Chris Mezzolesta. Original version may be found on "Power Salad 3: Sweat Equity". Ahhhhhh love it.