Cinnamony Sea Anemone (full album download)

Power Salad returns with their biggest hit yet "Hold On, I've Got To Take This", the #1 song of 2008 on the "Dr. Demento Show", described as "possibly the most beautiful song ever written about a cellphone being shoved up an orifice." Another multi-styled musical ride, touching on everything from cool jazz to straight ahead rock to some Nutty Sounds and even some Cheerful Insanity! Also contains the Dr. Demento picks "Tabloid Heroes" and "Mr. Most Important Person".

1 It's Tuesday But It Feels Like a Monday 2 She Wants an American Girl 3 Mr. Most Important Person 4 Hold On, I've Got To Take This 5 Caffeine Kathleen 6 Our Menu Has Recently Changed 7 Tabloid Heroes 8 Mr. McPoodle (Midway Blues) 9 Eurosexklub Tanzfetisch 10 Wasted Space Oddity (Drunken Astronauts) 11 Hi-Def TV Dinner 12 Elephant Song

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